Nassau from the Ship

When our ship stopped in Nassau, we had no plans, we just wanted to see the city. We walked the streets for a bit and decided to take the ferry over to Paradise Island (previously Hog Island, but the name was changed when celebrities began showing interest In it) to check out Atlantis. By lunch time it was too hot for me so we headed back to the ship to cool off. This port stop really proved to me that my next summer vacation needs to be somewhere cooler. Alaska, perhaps?

Standing on the lido deck of a cruise ship really provides an interesting perspective for photography. It gives a higher vantage point to look towards the city or out at the sea.

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2 thoughts on “Nassau

  1. We never have a plan in Nassau, we just walk the streets of the town. You can find all sorts of interesting things there, such as several old churches and a cool library that is also a small museum. Never have been over to Atlantis. Maybe one of these days. I agree – the view from the upper decks of a ship is really cool! Great shot!


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