For years now, I’ve been trying to carve out my corner of the Internet. I’ve tried a food blog, but quickly discovered how expensive it is to try a new restaurant every week.  I’ve been the co-host of a Disney Podcast. Now, I hope this will be a place to share the world, as I see it. 

I am a hobbyist photographer with a focus on travel photography. I enjoy exploring every corner of my home state. I love to Go, See, and Do and photography goes hand-in-hand with that. I hope to one day see all corners of the earth and to share my journey with you.

A camera has always been a must-have accessory for me. I remember as a kid, carrying around my Mickey Mouse camera and in high school annoying my friends with the flash from my disposable camera. I never want to miss a photo-worthy moment! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my photos!

If you’re curious about what’s in my camera bag, check out my gear page!

Thanks for stopping by! If you like my photos be sure to “like” my Facebook Page, follow me on Instagram, and Flickr! You can contact me at: ashleigh@goseedophotos.com


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