Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo De San Marcos

When visiting St. Augustine, a trip to Castillo de San Marcos is an absolute must! A little history for you: The Castillo is the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S. Construction began in 1672, back when Florida belonged to Spain. Over the years, the fort changed hands several times and when the U.S. gained control they changed its name to Fort Marion after General Francis Marion “The Swamp Fox”, a hero of the American Revolution. In 1924 it was designated a National Monument and in 1942 it was renamed Castillo de San Marcos in honor of its Spanish Heritage. Today, tourists flock to the fort to get a feel for American History and the Florida of the past.

I love the lines of this shot. The perspective makes the fort appear larger than life. I also love the texture of the 300+ year old brick that makes up the fort.

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3 thoughts on “Castillo de San Marcos

  1. Kudos for noting it as the oldest in the continental US. I used to live there and when pressed, yes, even the National Park Rangers had to agree that the oldest fort in the US (not on the continent) is located….(Hint in the “Oldest City in the US”) again – not continental.


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